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Chillingo’s Newest Zombie Games Attack the App Store

July 5th, 2021

Brace yourselves, zombie killers! You can finally do more monster-smashing, zombie-bashing experience with your handy app gadgets after Chillingo unveiled its four newest zombie-themed games. Check out what these games, namely Monster Mayhem, Zombie Wonderland, Pro Zombie Soccer, and Zombie Escape, have in store for you.


As the keeper of the graveyard, Monster Mayhem challenges you to defend your castles from the undead that, when eliminated, drop coins which you can use to purchase new weapons, upgrade them, buy ammunition and even nukes that can eliminate all the nasties in case the gate is in desperate danger. Monster Mayhem is a fun-filled game, one that is addicting with creepy-cute little zombies. Make sure to train your fingers first before buying this game because it’s the only way to win their attacks.


Giving you an attractive 3D house with top-down views, you will be playing as Chuck, a workaholic blue-collar guy who does two tasks in the game before sunup: defend the Niceville citizens in a house by shooting zombies coming from all directions, and clean-up the monsters guts. If you won’t crack at gunpoint and you find mopping floors is just as interesting as mopping zombies, then Zombie Wonderland is for you as it is a time-management game with fast and furious undead.


The game title itself marks it as one of the coolest zombie games in town. With a magical soccer ball, you have to throw that perfect kick to smash a huge wave of zombies. Pro Zombie Soccer has entertaining storyline with wonderfully designed gameplay that offers a unique, spanking new way of ripping the heads of the undead. If you’re into hardcore mode, a Crystal integration is added to ensure that your scores are recorded, plus you will receive craft achievements based on your in-game performance.


A line-drawing zombie game, Zombie Escape offers a different style of saving the humankind from the attack of the brain-eating monsters. You don’t have to control the character, but instead, the world is under your control, except the villains – zombies, of course. Your task is to save as many humans as you can by line drawing them to the helicopters. Every life saved gives you score but the panic here is when the helicopters are already full, they fly away and you have to wait for the next one to arrive. Here you will need to do some zombie-bashing by using bombs to blow up zombies for the safety of the people. Zombie Escape is set to be out this month, so keep an eye on the App store for this, or you’ll miss this one-of-a-kind zombie game.